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Insurance does not cover the loss faced by the policyholders. For the last three decades, BELFOR has been a beacon of hope for businesses impacted by natural and man-made disasters. Our expert knowledge of the damage caused by these disasters, combined with our extensive experience providing restoration, decontamination services and advice, make us the perfect partner for your customers to lean on in the aftermath of such trying times.

Type of damage or loss which BELFOR specialises in:

Fire DamageWater DamageMould DamageNatural Disasters

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How BELFOR works with you?

After a disaster occurs, BELFOR is contacted by the insurance company. 

BELFOR will carry out an on-site preliminary inspection, following which immediate loss mitigation recommendations will be provided to the policyholder, and a proposal for recovery and resinstatment of equipment will be submitted for consideration by interested parties.

The restoration work starts immediately upon receiving an order from the policyholder. BELFOR is able to carry out surveys within 48 hours of a disaster and carry out restoration work as soon as possible.

How BELFOR works with you?

What we offer?

Disaster Recovery ServicesIndustrial Chemical Decontamination ServicesResearch & DevelopmentReconstruction SolutionsMarine & Offshore Restoration

Your Reliable and Trusted Partner in Japan

We take customer service seriously, and we are committed to mirroring your service standards. This ensures that your customers receive the seamless, high-quality claims experience they deserve. BELFOR is a dynamic organization with the agility to tailor our services to your specific customer needs.


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