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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the coverage area of BELFOR's restoration service?

BELFOR has 5 offices nationwide, and we provide restoration services throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.


In addition, by cooperating with BELFOR's 500 bases around the world, we can provide restoration service to overseas offices as well

How long does it take for you to come to the site after the contact?

In most cases, we response the same day or the next day.


Please contact BELFOR as soon as possible, as an on-site inspection and stabilize the situation will prevent further damage and increase the possibility of early restoration.

What is covered by BELFOR's restoration services?

We have a wide range of experience in restoring facilities, equipment, buildings, vessels, and electric power facilities in factories (typical target industries: food, metal and plastic processing, printing, chemicals, semiconductors, etc.), commercial facilities and stores, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, and other facilities and equipment.

Our facility had a fire and water was sprayed on the equipment due to fire water discharge. Can it be restored?

Yes. It is highly possible. Fire is likely to generate substances that accelerate corrosion, so early drying and measures to prevent corrosion are necessary.


Getting BELFOR involved as soon as possible is the best solution.

We offer specialized service and have experienced over 5,000 fire restoration sites.

BELFOR Asia's effective restoration services will help you save time and money.

Our facility had a fire and we used a fire extinguisher and got covered in fire extinguisher powder. Is there any problem with normal cleaning?

Because of the fine and hard particles of fire extinguisher powder, there is concern that it may wear away metal such as drive parts.


Moreover, removing the powder alone may leave behind corrosive components that cannot be visually confirmed, and rust may develop, so we recommend BELFOR's expertise in decontamination.

How long will the restoration take and how much will it cost?

We will propose the quote after the on-site inspection.


Work can begin as early as the same day of the on-site inspection, ensuring early restoration in accordance with your priorities and requirements.