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BELFOR Japan, a leading name in disaster restoration and recovery solutions, is proud to announce the arrival of the long-anticipated dehumidifiers that have been recently approved by Japanese authorities. The arrival of these innovative dehumidifiers promises to set new standards in high-performance disaster recovery and restoration operations in the region.

Following their successful deployment in European countries like France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium, Japan is now poised to benefit from their advanced features and capabilities. 

These state-of-the-art dehumidifiers, equipped with high dehumidification performance, low energy consumption, and a built-in hygrostat with control via a digital display, promise to be game-changers in the disaster recovery landscape. 

Japan, a country frequently exposed to various natural disasters, is no stranger to the challenges of water damage, flooding, and other catastrophic events. BELFOR Japan's new dehumidifiers are tailor-made to address these challenges and offer several key features that set them apart from the competition. 

BELFOR is the global leader in providing disaster recovery services. BELFOR have more than 14,000 experienced employees worldwide at over 550 branches and in 29 countries. With over 70 years in operation, utilising state-of-the-art technologies, we operate 365 days a year, round the clock, BELFOR is always at your service.

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