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Flood Damage Recovery Services

Flood Damage Recovery Services

We understand the immense stress and disruption water damage can cause for businesses in Japan. BELFOR is here to help bring you back to business in the shortest possible time. Trust our professional restoration services in Japan to restore your business to pre-loss conditions with our comprehensive range of services.  

Benefits of Businesses using BELFOR 

Reduce Business InterruptionsReduce Lost Business OpportunitiesReduce Recovery Costs

Before and After Restoration

Before Restoration After Restoration

Case Study




Factory flooded due to river overflow​


Metal industry ​

Our services

Restoration of machinery and equipment damaged by sludge​





Torrential rain flooded the factory


Pulp and Paper industry

Our services





Factory flooded due to river overflow


Textile industry

Our service

Restoration of machinery and equipment damaged by sludge


・BELFOR service provide not only restoration but also advice for customers going back their business as soon as possible.

・Shorter business downtime is, more minimum customer’s business loss would be with BELFOR service. (BELFOR's recovery service is more useful in situations where it is difficult to procure replacement parts, due to the recent shortage of semiconductors)​

・BELFOR service save cost compared to replacement.

International  Accreditation

IICRC Certification Ecovadis Gold Award 2021

IICRC Certification

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that the public, businesses, and property owners, especially those who find their own post-flood recovery efforts too burdensome, seek the assistance of an IICRC-certified restoration company , given the variety of pathogens, high humidity, and unsanitary conditions that can occur during a water-related disaster. IICRC recommends that they seek assistance from IICRC-accredited restoration firms.

EcoVadis Sustainability GOLD Rating

EcoVadis is the world's most trusted sustainability research company, covering more than 125,000 companies in 180 countries and 200 industries. 
BELFOR's sustainability efforts received a ‘Gold’ rating, placing the company in the top 5% of companies assessed.

Secondary Damage from Water Damage


When you think of water damage in factories and offices, you probably think of buildings collapsing due to cliff collapses and the loss of documents and data due to flooding. In fact, however, there is significant damage in addition to these.

One of the most common examples is mould. When a factory or office is flooded, the first thing to do is to move important documents and data to a safe place, ensure the safety of employees, and then begin recovery work.

The first thing to do is to drain water. The first priority is to get the water out of the factory or office. The next step is drying. Even if the water is gone, the damp condition will not disappear easily. Mould can grow and cause odors, and wood in the floor and subfloor can rot, so we use dehumidifiers to force drying.

Our dehumidification and drying process effectively reduces relative humidity to 40% or less, significantly inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold. The same dehumidification process is also effective in the restoration of mechanical and electronic equipment in commercial and industrial settings.

Recovery Processes After A Typhoon Disaster

We use our extensive know-how and advanced technology to address issues specific to water damage and water exposure from typhoon damage.

現地調査時にサーモグラフィーや水分量計を用い、目に見えない水害箇所を特定します。 ​  ベルフォアの除湿乾燥プロセスは湿度を40%以下に保ち、汚染された機器の腐食進行を抑制します。 ​   多種多様なプロ仕様の機材を駆使し、建物、設備、機器を効率的に乾燥させます。

  1. During on-site inspections, we take thermographic images to identify invisible water damage areas.
  2. Keep humidity below 40% to inhibit corrosion progression of contaminated equipment.
  3. We utilize a wide variety of dehumidifiers to efficiently dry buildings, facilities and equipment.


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