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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning is one of the fastest and most effective methods of cleaning and completely de-rusting machine parts, stock and semi-finished products.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency pressure waves in high temperature specialist cleaning fluids to produce a very effective and time efficient cleaning and decontamination, especially on complex mechanical structures.

5 Stage Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-cleaning and Hot Degreasing
    • Using a hot alkaline solution (pH 10-14) this step removes the majority of contamination
  2. Rinsing, Neutralisation, Initial Rust Dissolution
    • Hot rinsing of residual contamination and neutralisation of pre-cleaner.   1st stage de-rusting
  3. Corrosion Removal
    • Complete removal of any corrosion at 55°C using ultrasound and complex de-ruster
  4. Rinsing, Neutralisation and Interim Preservation
    • Corrosion removers rinsed off and neutralised. Additives provide temporary protection against surface rust
  5. Water Displacement and Preservation
    • Water displacers and corrosion proofing agents, remove rinsing agents

BELFOR’s solution focussed approach also allows us to offer mobile, ultrasonic dip bath lines which can be transported directly to the damage site where necessary.

Ultrasonic Cleaning results are dramatic, restoring seemingly lost assets to ‘as good as new’ condition. Put Ultrasonic Cleaning to the test and see the results that can be achieved by our team of restoration experts.