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Oil Remediation

When oil tankers run aground and are breached, coastal regions can be devastated. Have you ever considered what happens when a home or building has a leak from a heating oil tank? The results can be devastating, producing unbearable odours and creating local environmental hazards. Oil spills therefore require specialist remediation.

To control the costs and have peace of mind that works are carried out correctly you need to be sure that your choose a restoration partner that understands the implications of such damage and knows exactly how to deal with them.  Our single source project management approach will ensure we offer the optimum recovery route and give you accurate reporting with a defined phases of the project and full cost control.

BELFOR’S approach

We have developed a step by step remediation process with defined costs ensuring a well managed process with no surprises.

The remediation procedure involves 4 key stages:

  1. Site investigation – detailed assessment to determine the spread of oil with sampling and analysis.
  2. In depth exploratory work and further sampling if required
  3. Remediation – removal and disposal of contaminated material and elimination of remaining contamination using bio-remediation (the use of micro-organisms to safely break down contaminants)
  4. Refurbishment & Repair – including the replacement of damp proof courses, rebuilding, replacing pipes and redecorating.

When you encounter complex heating oil losses you can not afford to get it wrong, trust the experts and call the BELFOR Team.