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Immediate Measures

When an incident occurs you need to act quickly, to mitigate the damage and prevent secondary damage.  The first 24 – 48hrs are the most critical time after a loss and an effective response during this time can mean the difference between a rapid and effective recovery ……..or a total loss.

BELFOR experts have the ability to be on site anywhere, quickly. We can ‘stop the clock’, avoiding potential  unnecessary additional costs and lost time. We can also take the pressure out of the situation and give you the ‘breathing room’ to take stock, take control and increase your chances of a successful recovery.

Immediate Measures can include:

  • Making the environment safe & secure
  • Identifying and containing hazardous waste & materials
  • Installation of temporary power solutions
  • Removal of water & debris
  • Initial ‘gross cleaning’ to remove contamination
  • Removal of un-restorable items to prevent cross contamination
  • Removal or protection of assets to prevent further damage
  • Stabilisation of environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity) to prevent secondary damage such as corrosion, swelling, discolouration and mould growth
  • Application of specialist chemicals to prevent corrosion and mould growth
  • Freezing of water damaged documents to prevent further damage

Failure to act quickly could result in:

  • Unnecessary and preventable secondary damage
  • Increased recovery costs
  • Longer recovery times
  • Increased down time
  • Increased Business Interruption costs
  • Loss of market share & reputation

When the worst happens don’t delay, call the BELFOR experts and start your recovery immediately.