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When your home has been damaged you need to act quickly, mitigating the damage and preventing unnecessary secondary damage is paramount.  The first 24 – 48hrs after a loss are the most critical and an effective response during this time can mean the difference between rapid and effective recovery or a total loss.

Working on behalf of your insurer as a lead or part or a supplier team, we will help you to get back to normal as quickly as possible. BELFOR experts will assess the damage and discuss with you the best possible restoration process. This may include a visit to your home with a Loss Adjuster or other partner companies depending on the incident. It is imperative that we act quickly to start the restoration process immediately, so we may carry out testing, initial cleaning or install drying equipment on our first visit.

It’s key to us that we understand what’s important to you so our experts will take time to talk through the relevant restoration options that may be available.

Immediate Measures may include:

  • Making your home safe & secure
  • Identifying and dealing with any hazardous waste & materials
  • Installing temporary power supply
  • Removal of water & debris
  • Initial cleaning to remove contamination
  • Removal of un-restorable contents items
  • Removal or protection of contents items
  • Installation of equipment to stabilise the environmental conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity)

Failure to act quickly could result in:

  • A longer time to complete your claim
  • Some items being damaged beyond repair
  • Additional costs