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BELFOR will be appointed either by your Insurance Company or a Loss Adjuster to carry out the cleaning and restoration in your home. Where a Loss Adjuster is appointed on your claim, they will probably be your main point of contact. When we receive a claim instruction we will contact you to get more information about the incident and arrange a visit to your home.

We will make the appointment at your convenience however it is essential that we visit your home as quickly as possible, ideally within 24 – 48 hours.  This is to maximise the potential for recovery success.

During the initial visit to your home, our experts will fully assess the damage, determine what can be restored and discuss the recovery options with you.  We will try and carry out as much of the works in your home as possible however some of your contents (if covered under your policy) may need to be taken away for restoration.   Our experts will also identify any health & safety issues and will discuss any specific requests you may have.

It’s always helpful if your contents have been damaged (and you have cover in place) that you make us aware of any items of sentimental value or that you would particularly like to keep. Where restoration is not possible we will advise you of these items and prepare a list for you.

Where possible we will commence our restoration works immediately.  We may therefore install equipment to help with this process. Each piece of equipment will be fully explained and we will make follow up appointments if necessary to check progress.

Communication is key to the process, so we will keep you updated as well as any other suppliers who may also be appointed.

Our specialist partners may also need to contact you and visit your home but we will make you aware of who they are, why they have been appointed and how they are going to assist you.

If you have any queries or need any information about our restoration and recovery works please contact our customer service team on 0345 0502309.