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When you have suffered damage to your home or contents there will be a number of things that we may ask you to do to help speed up the recovery process.  These will be communicated to you by our experts however some general advice is as follows:

  • DO Ensure your home is secured if you are not there
  • DO wear appropriate protective equipment (e.g. gloves) if handling contaminated items,
  • DO gather together any personal documents that you may need
  • DO identify sentimental or high value items to us as soon as possible
  • DO read through your policy documents to familiarise yourself with the cover in place
  • DO keep windows closed if requested to do so
  • DO make us aware if you are going to be away from your home during the restoration process
  • DO please keep pets and children away from working equipment
  • DO make parking available wherever possible
  • DON’T put yourself or others at risk of harm or injury
  • DON’T switch back on your electricity supply or use electrical items unless tested by a competent person and certified safe
  • DON’T switch back on your gas supply unless tested by a competent person and certified safe
  • DON’T switch back on water until any repairs have been completed
  • DON’T dispose of any items which form part of your claim, unless instructed otherwise
  • DON’T move or switch off equipment unless you are concerned that it is faulty. Turning off equipment off may make the restoration process longer

If you have any other queries please contact our customer service team on 0345 0502309.