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Success built on expertise and knowledge

BELFOR Ireland has been restoring and recovering customers of all types after disaster has struck and caused damage to buildings, possessions and assets for over 35 years.

With a directly employed workforce of specialists and experts across the country, committed to the highest standards we deliver quality, professional restoration and recovery solutions to a wide variety of incidents.

Our Greatest Assets
We are passionate about being the best in our field, specialists in what we do and leading the way in innovation and development but what really separates us from the crowd is our people.

Our people, with their willingness to help you recover quickly and efficiently after a disaster and their professionalism, expertise and the ability to work with you is what really makes the difference.

With Care, Confidence & Commitment
At BELFOR we restore more than property and we do it with care, confidence and commitment. We see past the damage and we WILL help you recover, whatever the situation.