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BELFOR UK secures 5-Year contract with long-term partner, Protector Insurance

Leading disaster recovery firm, BELFOR UK, is delighted to announce the renewal of its contract with long-term client, Protector Insurance, who have committed to a five-year partnership.

This milestone agreement, the longest term of any insurer client contract in BELFOR UK’s history, marks a significant step forward in the partnership between the two companies.

Since entering the UK market in 2016, Protector Insurance has made significant strides to develop a comprehensive, single-source claims service solution. Over the past six-years, BELFOR has expertly managed over 5,000 end-to-end claims, playing a pivotal role in Protector's exceptional growth in the UK insurance sector.

This latest contract underscores both parties' dedication to setting new standards in property claims services. It is a culmination of a shared vision for streamlined, cost-effective claims handling, the delivery of BELFOR UK’s unique in-house end-to-end service offering, and the ability to work in close partnership with each other.

Hein Hemke, Managing Director of BELFOR UK, said: "This long-term deal not only highlights the strong partnership between BELFOR UK and Protector, but also demonstrates our shared commitment to innovation and excellence. Protector, known as 'the challenger', lives up to its values of being credible, innovative, bold, and committed. Our continued collaboration is a powerful endorsement of these principles. I am excited about what the future holds for us."



The agreement is poised to fuel BELFOR UK's strategic growth and expansion, particularly in the London & South East Region, where Protector has significantly increased its market presence.

Paul Anderson, BELFOR UK Operations Director, adds: "Protector's support has been crucial in refining the services we offer. This renewal signifies a mutual commitment to further strengthen our relationship, benefiting our teams, brokers, and clients alike."

David Ruddock, Protector’s UK Claims Director, added: “Protector Insurance is the Challenger. We do not follow, we lead. Our DNA is what sets us apart and keeps us delivering Cost and Quality Leadership for our brokers and clients. In 2017 when entering a new segment where we were required to affect reinstatement, we looked to BELFOR to develop a direct fulfilment capability with us as a strategic partner to achieve our goal of being a Top 3 Carrier in any market of our choice, in this case Leasehold insurance.

Over the years we have worked ever more closely together, supporting the development of the in-house BELFOR trades to create a truly unique offering in the market. This Unique Relationship has flourished, and Protector today is the No. 1 insurer in the Leasehold and Housing Association markets respectfully.

The recently agreed contract allows for further investment in this market-leading partnership along with a commitment from both trusted parties to continue to work closely together for the benefit of delivering cost and quality reinstatement solutions nationwide to our growing number of brokers and clients.

While this relationship was built on predominantly residential claims, we also move forward with an ever-increasing commercial book where there is even more growth potential. We have come a long way, but we are still only scratching the service as to what is possible to achieve between Protector and BELFOR in the UK and further afield.”

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