866-366-0493 24/7 Emergency Hotline

Frequently Asked Questions

At BELFOR, we know that no two disasters are the same.  Each is a unique situation with unique challenges.  Knowing what to expect can be helpful during difficult circumstances.

I have an emergency at my building or facility.  Who do I call?

If you have an emergency, the first priority is always life and safety.  If there are pressing safety issues, evacuate the building and call 9-1-1.

The next priority is to stabilize the situation and begin immediate mitigation to prevent further damage. Contact BELFOR by calling our 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at 866.366.0493.

One of our Call Center agents will ask you to provide basic damage and contact information. The information will be relayed directly to a local account representative. The account representative will contact you and make arrangements for an initial site inspection and damage assessment. If you will be filing an insurance claim, it is also important to contact your insurance carrier. BELFOR can work directly with your insurance company to streamline the process for you.

You may also submit your loss information online by completing the GET HELP NOW form.  The form will be automatically sent to the BELFOR Call Center and assigned to the appropriate BELFOR representative.

Is it safe to turn the power back on if the damage is not extreme?

If the electric, gas or water supply has been affected or even turned off by first responders, do not turn the utilities on until a qualified official or professional has checked the systems and determined it is safe to turn them back on.

What if my building or facility is not located near a BELFOR location?  How long will it take?

In most cases, there will be an estimated 1 to 2 hour on-site response time to any location within 50 miles of a BELFOR location in North America - depending on traffic, access issues, or other unforeseen circumstances. Response times vary depending on the impact of a catastrophic event, government restrictions, travel time and other factors. Where there are restrictions on access, BELFOR is known for getting in prior to many responders. For example, we have landed private planes with response teams prior to public airports being re-opened. Often, we gain access to blocked areas because of our strong relationships with companies whose operations are important to reviving the community.  In large-scale events, BELFOR personnel are often allowed access, along with business owners or their representatives, to retrieve vital records and other assets.

Throughout its history, BELFOR has responded to client properties in remote locations, often in states and countries far removed from any local BELFOR presence. An equipment and supply warehouse, emergency operations center and temporary housing for employees can be quickly established in remote areas.

I already have a maintenance team.  Do I still need to call BELFOR?

Yes. Think of BELFOR as your recovery partner. Even if your maintenance team has already handled the initial response, it is best to get BELFOR involved as soon as possible. We offer more specialized services, tools and techniques that can ultimately minimize your business interruption, long-term damage and associated costs. We can work directly with your maintenance and emergency preparedness team to make sure all of your disaster recovery plans are followed and your business operation can resume as quickly as possible.

What is a work authorization form and why do I need to sign one?

Before the process begins, you will be asked to sign a work authorization form. This gives BELFOR permission to work in your building or facility and to communicate with and provide a courtesy copy of the invoice to your insurance company. Your execution of this form is important for emergency mitigation.

For additional work beyond the emergency phase, a more detailed scope is typically produced in advance utilizing Xactimate software. Xactimate is the accepted estimating program for the majority of major insurance carriers, ensuring industry-standard pricing and a faster insurance claim resolution.

Are all of your onsite services performed by employees? Do you subcontract services?

The majority of services are performed in-house with BELFOR personnel. We are not a franchise operation. This allows for much greater control over the quality and consistency of our services. Exceptions include major construction trades (i.e., electrical, plumbing, HVAC), specialty trades, engineering firms, environmental testing firms, and manual labor sources. Size, scope and location determines how much BELFOR self-performs on a project.

BELFOR pre-qualifies and maintains strong relationships with major subcontractors and suppliers for quality service and volume discounts. We also routinely work with subcontractors already pre-qualified by a property or facility manager.

My company is interested in establishing a relationship with BELFOR for all of our restoration needs.  How do we start that process?

We would be pleased to form a partnership and on-going relationship with your company.  This can be achieved several different ways:

  1. Contact your local BELFOR office or call our national hotline at 866.366.0493.
  2. Contact Us via our website.  An account representative will reach out to your company to begin the process.