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Soot Removal for Smoke Damage

Soot Removal Film (SRF) is a dry film restoration technique developed by BELFOR to remove soot, dust, or other contaminants from very rough or mixed surface structures that would be very tedious or even impossible to clean as effectively with other methods. Walls or other surfaces are sprayed with a proprietary adhesive film, which is then peeled away, bringing contaminants from surfaces and pores with it to leave behind a clean, dry surface.

Soot Removal Film is an effective alternative to the dry or wet cleaning of surfaces that have been affected by soot or dust contamination. Soot can smear and be pushed into surfaces when attempting to brush or wipe it away, causing permanent staining that could have been avoided and pushing chlorides deeper into materials. Some soot-covered surfaces cannot even be effectively vacuumed to remove all residue without staining.

Environmentally-Friendly Solution Developed By BELFOR

Soot Removal Film provides an environmentally-friendly, high-performance cleaning method on nearly all building materials. The procedure requires none or very minimal containment as it does not release contaminants into the air, as other procedures can.

Wall or surface drying is not necessary after treating with Soot Removal Film, but the application of succeeding coats or even paint without standby time is possible after removal of the dried SRF.

The process uses only a small amount of water for cleaning of the spraying device, thus minimizing water waste, and it allows for trouble-free disposal of the dried product. Even when extra care is needed for disposal if contaminated with dangerous substances, it is safer with less mess or potential for cross-contamination than traditional wet cleaning methods.