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Shrink Wrap & Containment Solutions

We’re Ready To Wrap

When a facility or home becomes victim to storm, fire, or flood, the roof or building structure can suffer significant damage that leaves the building contents and interior spaces open to the environment.  The longer a structure is compromised, the greater the chances for even more problems.

BELFOR has perfected the use of the Shrink Wrap technique to temporarily contain and protect structures of any size and complexity.

Shrink Wrap is a viable, cost-effective solution until permanent repairs can be made.  It is durable and strong, and can outperform traditional tarp and board-up methods of protecting property.  Plus, shrink wrap is environmentally-friendly and completely recyclable.

Containment For Almost Anything

Shrink Wrap is a polyethylene film that forms a near puncture-resistant membrane around the damaged property.   A supporting framework made of wood, metal framing and/or high-strength fabric strapping may be necessary.  After the structure is wrapped, heat is applied using electric or gas-fired heat guns to shrink and tighten the membrane.

With proper care, maintenance and repair, shrink wrap can protect a structure for up to one year in many cases.

From the roof of a warehouse and the interior of a sports arena, to multiple apartment complex units and family homes, BELFOR has used shrink wrap to protect all types of things.  We even shrink wrapped a car to protect valuable evidence.

shrink wrapped home