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Electronic Repair & Restoration Services

Today, electronic technology is the heart and soul of most businesses. Damage from any source can be crippling, threatening major capital investments, lengthy business interruption and costly loss of vital clients. BELFOR has developed the technology, techniques and proprietary electronic restoration services to fully restore the most sophisticated electronic technology.

Time, Money & Clients

Typically, BELFOR's electronic repair services cost a fraction of the machine’s replacement costs. That is only one economic consideration. Replacing sophisticated electronic machinery often takes from six to 18 months. This wreaks havoc with every aspect of your business, causing you to possibly lose valuable contracts and clients. Under most circumstances, BELFOR's decontamination and restoration work can be measured in weeks, limiting business interruption and losses.

BELFOR has more electronic restoration services than any other company in the world. Our Research & Development division can restore sensitive electronic components damaged by a broad range of contaminants to save you time, money and clients. Our electronics repair teams are highly trained, skilled and professional.

Globally, we have successfully restored electronics exposed to every conceivable contamination including: floodwater (including total submersion), corrosive soot from fire, acid vapours, mould, environmental contaminants, pollution caused by production processes, sea salts from overseas transportation, toxic contamination and more.

We have successfully provided our electronic restoration services in various sectors of the economy including (but not limited to):

  • Computers and servers of every possible size and type
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Medical treatment and research equipment
  • Semiconductor: front and back-end equipment
  • Scientific research (including one-of-a-kind equipment)
  • Control systems in nuclear and other power stations
  • Manufacturing and production control systems
  • Information satellite control systems
  • Agriculture and food production equipment
  • Radar and control electronics on civil and military ships

Equipment Preservation and Protocol

By controlling relative humidity and ambient temperature, damaged electronic equipment can be preserved against further damage and for further investigation and proper electronic repair services. BELFOR’s electronics repair group will prepare the proper electronics restoration services protocol by getting the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and service contractors involved in the electronic restoration process. We have the capacity to select technicians and engineers from a pool of 1,500 full-time, in-house technical specialists around the world at any time.