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Our Customers

If Customer Service Isn’t Exceptional, It’s Not Worth Discussing.

Our customers are our priority.  Exceptional customer service is our goal.  Exceeding expectations. Delivering on our promise.  That’s the BELFOR way.

We have built relationships with customers in every industry and every market. With more than 70 years of experience, BELFOR understands that every customer has unique needs and every disaster has special challenges.

BELFOR Canada is committed to providing exceptional service to all of it customers, including but not limited to the following marketing segments:

  • Automotive - automotive manufacturers, dealerships, automotive parts distribution, warehouses
  • Cultural - libraries, archives, museums, special collections
  • Education - universities and colleges, public and private schools, insurance pools and consortiums, risk management, campus security, physical plant managers, residence life managers, libraries and records, janitorial services
  • Energy - petroleum and oil companies, power plants, wind turbines
  • Finance - banks, credit unions, investment firms, credit card companies, accounting firms
  • Government - government buildings, monuments and parks, municipal facilities, military bases
  • Healthcare - hospitals and medical centres, emergency care centres, physician offices, laboratories, long-term care and skilled nursing facilities
  • High-Net Worth - luxury and high-end properties, mansions, estates
  • Hotels & Hospitality - hotels and motels, lodges and resorts, casinos, restaurants, cruise lines
  • Industrial & Manufacturing - mass production, fabrication, product packaging, robotic manufacturing
  • Insurance - insurance carriers, brokers, agents, claims adjusters and consultants
  • Media - printing presses and equipment, broadcast studios, warehouses
  • Multi-Family - apartment buildings, condominiums, townhomes, co-ops, mixed-use developments, student housing
  • Pharmaceutical - pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale drug distributors, pharmacies, research laboratories
  • Religion - religious institutions, diocese and congregations, insurance carriers
  • Residential - homeowners, community associations, rental properties
  • Retail & Wholesale - shopping malls, shopping centres, big box retailers, department stores, warehouse clubs, specialty stores, convenience stores, retail co-operatives
  • Technology - aerospace, biotechnology, computer technology, information technology, data warehouses, robotics, semiconductor services, telecommunications