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National Sponsor Of WICC

BELFOR Canada is now a National Sponsor of the Women In Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC). BELFOR Canada has been a contributor in a variety of ways for several years but felt it was important to become a National Sponsor given the impact of this disease on all Canadians in one way or another.

WICC stands out in the insurance and restoration industry in their mission to fund research and raise awareness, and has brought the Canadian insurance industry together as a single body with one common goal of fighting this terrible disease. Since the inception of WICC in 1996, with the help of the entire insurance industry and its supporters, over $11,000,000 has been raised in support of cancer research and education.

Thank you for your recent sponsorship at WICC’s 19th Annual Gala. Your commitment to WICC as a National Sponsor illustrates how your industry leadership is aligned with the fight against cancer. We are so grateful for your commitment to WICC and we appreciate BELFOR Property Restoration’s continued support to ensure the success of WICC and its charitable campaigns.

As a result of WICC’s steadfast commitment, the Society supports research that is directly impacting the way cancer is treated. Funds raised by WICC contribute to research breakthroughs, such as one made last year which can transform breast cancer treatment. Society-funded researchers developed a new computer modelling tool to predict how breast cancer cells evolve and grow over time. Understanding and predicting changes in complex cancers may provide new options for targeted treatments.

"Finding the right approach to treatment means we are learning more about the complex nature of cancer. Our commitment to research continually helps to uncover more effective treatment options for patients," says Dr Siân Bevan, Director of Research at the Canadian Cancer Society. "The incredible generosity of our donors and supporters is saving lives, and we are so grateful.

This research would not have been possible without the support of WICC and their generous National Sponsors."

Susan Drodge
Director, Corporate and Community Partnerships & Donor Services


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