0345 0502 309 24/7 Emergency Number

Immediate Measures

Most damages are time critical: If the damage is not dealt with quickly, expensive consequential damages can occur. 

This is why BELFOR not only provides a 24/7 hotline, but as the world's no. 1 in damage restoration, is also quickly on site and fully operational. 

All the necessary emergency services are implemented promptly in order to secure restorable assets, avoid consequential damage and to minimize any possible business unteruptions to operations.

From securing the damage site, to the immediate and professional removal and disposal of water and debris, to the temporarily securing of parts of the buildings, machines and inventories: everything is thought of.

In doing so, BELFOR relies throughout on contemporary high-tech equipment and its own innovative processes. 

These procedures also include shrink wrapping: using a special foil, entire building areas as well as inventory and machinery are reliably protected from dust, air and water in an instant.

Our emergency services are the perfect way to prepare for restoration and renovation work and get everything looking as if the damage never happened.

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