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Mould Removal Services for Mould Damage

If your home or business has had water damage or moisture issues, potentially dangerous mould growth can become a big problem. Mould can begin to grow within 12-24 hours and become visible within 72 hours. If you can see mould growing, the top priority is to remove and safely dispose of it.

There are many questions to be answered:

  • What kind of mould is it?
  • Is it dangerous?
  • Is all mould bad?
  • What is the cause?
  • What is the most effective way to get rid of my mould problem?
  • How can it be prevented?

While most moulds are not a major problem, even benign mould if given the opportunity, can grow to massive numbers. Large populations of normal environmental mould can overwhelm even a healthy immune system, so it is important to get rid of active mould growth. The question then becomes “how.”


How Do You Prevent Mould Growth?

It is important to know how mould grows and how to prevent it. Mould needs a suitable temperature range, organic matter for food and most importantly, moisture. Since indoor environments almost always meet the first two criteria, high moisture levels for an extended period of time are the critical factor.

If moisture is the absolutely essential ingredient for mould growth, it seems it would be easy to prevent mould simply by removing water and moisture rapidly. Even in the most obvious scenario such as a flood, this is not always possible. When all visible water is eliminated, you still must deal with high ambient humidity and any saturated materials.

The other primary causes of mould infestations are undetected maintenance problems that produce moisture, such as dripping pipes or leaking air conditioners.

The planned response should include the services of a mould expert and an experienced restoration contractor who can perform the initial assessment and recommend remediation procedures.

Mold Remediation

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