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BELFOR Electronic Restoration Trailer

Efficient restoration for complex industrial damages

A new benchmark in restoration

When production comes to a standstill after damage, every minute counts. Reducing downtime is a top priority for BELFOR. That's why we have developed the BELFOR Electronic Restoration Trailer. It enables us to refurbish electronic and mechanical components much more quickly in the event of damage.

Quickly ready for use on site

The BELFOR E-Trailer is ready as soon as the damage is reported and arrives on site in just a few hours. Designed according to the plug & play principle, it is immediately ready for use on arrival. While others first have to clarify many logistical issues and plan tents as protection for the remediation road, BELFOR's E-Remediators can already remediate the first parts.

BELFOR E-Trailer in action

Self-sufficient and fully equipped

The E-Trailer is equipped with everything needed for the decontamination of electronic and mechanical components. A complete restoration line is modularly integrated: Dip tank, spray booth, drying cabinet and much more. The modules can be combined, supplemented or exchanged depending on the situation. The E-Trailer has it´s own wastewater management system. If required, we generate electricity via generators. This gives us maximum independence from the infrastructure at the site of the damage.   

E-Trailer refurbishment within protected environment

All parts remain on site

No part has to leave the factory premises. Time-consuming and costly transports to restoration centres are not necessary. At the call of the fitters and engineers, the most sensitive parts can be refurbished directly and in the protected environment of the E-Trailer.  

Transparent documentation of all parts

In addition, the E-Trailer offers an office workstation for the documentation of parts and arrangements. The BELFOR project manager can communicate directly on site with the contact persons and transparently document the progress of the remediation.

Flexibility on site

On the construction site, the E-Trailer can be moved with minimal effort if the requirements on site change: if the E-Trailer is in the way tomorrow, we can move it today and only have to interrupt the work briefly. 

BELFOR E-Trailer

The new standard for complex damages

Experience shows us that we can be up to 25% faster on projects with the E-Trailer. When it comes to reducing business interruptions, this is an immense advantage. The BELFOR E-Trailer provides maximum self-sufficiency, flexibility and speed. Stationed in Germany, it is also quick to respond to damage in neighbouring countries and beyond. The E-Trailer can also be shipped.


For further questions and enquiries:

Tom Zengel
Head of Commercial & Organization - Major & Complex Loss (DE)

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Head of International Operations
Major and Complex Loss Operations Director (UK & EIRE)