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The Gyeonggi Yongin Fire Department has issued a "fire caution alert" for electric heating devices to prevent freezing during the winter. This decision comes as a response to consecutive fires caused by electric heating devices within the month of November. The electric heating devices for freeze prevention are prone to being installed by unqualified individuals, as their installation and construction are relatively simple, raising concerns about the potential for unqualified personnel to handle them. According to a safety management survey conducted by the Ministry of Industry in March of this year, 45.3% of freeze prevention heating wires were found to be uncertified products.

Freeze prevention heating wires have length restrictions based on surrounding temperatures and circuit breaker capacity, so it is crucial to install them according to product specifications. Additionally, insulation materials used after installation must be flame-resistant. Examining the patterns of electrical fires, there are instances of heat generation due to the negligence of installers or handlers, similar to fires caused by freeze prevention heating wires. However, various factors, such as aging of electrical appliances and wiring, malfunctions of safety devices, and instability, contribute to electrical fires. Fires can occur if there is increased local resistance leading to heat generation, if wiring or insulation is damaged, or if dust accumulates between plugs and outlets.

To ensure the safe use of electrical facilities, what measures should be taken? The first step is ensuring safe construction and inspections. Even if thorough safety management is carried out afterward, it is futile if the initial construction was subpar. It is essential to have a system that manages and supervises whether qualified individuals are carrying out the construction. Once construction is successfully completed, the next step is safety management. Adherence to safety precautions is mandatory when using electrical facilities. Prohibitions include exceeding the permissible capacity of wires, using them in overload conditions, and using wires that deviate from standard specifications. Unprotected products in humid or wet environments should not be used. Additionally, attention should be paid to avoiding entanglement or crushing when using extension cords. Since short circuits frequently occur in wires, this aspect requires special attention. As electrical facilities age, the risk of fire due to insulation defects in electrical appliances increases. Therefore, regular inspections should be conducted, and aging facilities should be replaced.

By using standard wires and paying attention to power switch disconnection, it is possible to prevent electrical fires. In industrial settings, it is hoped that everyone adheres to basic principles to prevent unfortunate fire incidents from occurring.


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