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BELFOR Korea was honored to attend the safety and health declaration ceremony and safety equipment delivery event hosted by the KOTRA on March 23rd, 2023. The event took place at the Foreign Enterprise Business Support Center (IKP) located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, and was attended by approximately 30 people, including KOTRA President, Vice President, Safety Operations Support Manager, and school officials. As an IKP recovery-related agency, BELFOR Korea was invited to participate in the event.

On this day, KOTRA and its resident supplier companies pledged to actively participate in creating a 'safe workplace' through a declaration ceremony that promises to promote safe living, compliance with safety laws, establishment of safety systems, and participation in safety and health activities. BELFOR Korea received a certificate of appreciation for their contribution to safety and disaster relief efforts, along with the Seocho-gu Office, Seocho Fire Station, and Seocho Police Station.

Jeong-Yeol Yu, CEO of KOTRA, expressed gratitude to BELFOR Korea for its remarkable efforts in carrying out the restoration and construction within the given period with prompt and active cooperation.

Jimong Seo, Country Manager at BELFOR Korea expressed his gratitude, stating, "We’re proud to have been recognized for its efforts to promote safety and disaster relief in South Korea and looks forward to continuing to support KOTRA and the community in this important work.

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