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Precision Machines Recovery

BELFOR is a specialist in the recovery of precision machines following disaster incidents caused by fire, water and other contamination incidents, or damage that occurs during transportation.

From initial loss mitigation measures, to completion of comprehensive refurbishment, our team of multidisciplinary experts will manage the entire machine refurbishment project with an unwavering focus on minimising business interruption.

24-Hour Response

Our Restoration Specialists provide round-the-clock advice and on-site assessments. They are trained to implement loss mitigation measures and carry out recovery anywhere in the Asian region.

Our Expertise and Services

We specialise in the full refurbishment of:

  • CNC machine tools
  • PCB drilling machines
  • Printing machines
  • Plastic moulding machines

Our wide range of technical knowledge and practical experience, gained through a multitude of different recovery and repair projects, enables us to deliver a full range of services including:

Machine Recovery:    

  • Disassembly and re-assembly of component parts on site
  • Recovery of individual components
  • Replacement of damaged or worn components
  • Re-alignment (laser measuring technology)
  • Re-commissioning and handover
  • Re-conditioning machines to relevant industry standards    

CNC Controller and Switchgear:    

  • Recovery and repair of the CNC controller and electrical switchgear
  • Replacement of damaged components
  • Update or design of new control systems    

Spare Parts Fabrication:    

  • Fabrication of unavailable spare parts using our in-house machine tools and expertise    

Refurbishment of Used Machine Tools

General Overhaul of Machine Tools:

The overhaul of machine tools typically involves a geometrical overhaul, to restore the required degree of precision to the moving axes. Worn parts are replaced with new. When original parts cannot be procured, or when delivery time frames are unrealistically long, we fabricate the parts to exacting standards. We use certified measuring tools and laser interferometers to ensure the machines operate within required parameters.

Modernising Machines:

Older machines are often prized for their robust structure, low propensity to vibration and ease of operation. Built to last, these machines become more valuable as they age, making it economically-viable to pursue modernisation, maximising their efficiency and performance. Modernisation measures include improvement of path feed rate, accuracy of positioning, smoothness of running, and upgrading of operator controls and safety systems.

In some industries, maintaining the attractiveness of a machine’s visual appearance is important. In the dental profession, it is essential that every piece equipment looks as good as it functions. New chrome plating and fresh paintwork can restore equipment back to its former lustre.

Modernisation may also include replacement of the electrical switchgear, aerosol lubrication system and pneumatic system.

Retrofitting CNC Control Systems:

Machine accuracy can also be improved by upgrading the CNC control system and implementing new drive technology and measuring systems. This is all part of the work of BELFOR Precision Machines.