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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What to do when there is a disaster incident at my office or factory facility?

During a disaster incident, the first priority is always protecting the safety of everyone at your office or factory facility.


Evacuate everyone outside and call the Fire Department if there is an emergency.

Next, contact BELFOR Asia by calling our 24-Hour Emergency Hotline at +65 6848 1110.

BELFOR will implement loss mitigation measures immediately following disaster incidents and provide a wide range of recovery options to help you to resume your business operations within the shortest possible period of time.

How long after a disaster incident should I contact BELFOR Asia?

Contact BELFOR Asia as soon as possible at +65 6848 1110.


The first 24-to-48 hours after a disaster incident is critical for your business recovery.

BELFOR's effective emergency response will quickly stabilise your workplace and equipment to ensure that damage is minimised as much as possible.

What services does BELFOR Asia offer?

BELFOR Asia offers disaster recovery services following natural or man-made calamities such as fire, explosion, earthquake, typhoon, wind, rain, flood, water ingress, chemical spillage, as well as particulate contamination from manufacturing, operations or construction processes.


With a wide range of reinstatement options, covering both recovery and replacement, we re-establish operational capability from chaos, disorder and most types of dangerous situations.

Why should I restore instead of replacing damaged equipment?

Restoration can be done much faster than replacement.


This reduces your business downtime and further loss of future opportunities or existing customers.

Restoration costs are typically only 10% - 30% of alternative replacement or repair costs.

BELFOR Asia's effective restoration services will help you save time and money.

Why BELFOR Asia is different from cleaning and construction companies?

BELFOR is the world's largest disaster recovery service company, with 550 branches operating in 57 countries worldwide, and performs more than 350,000 disaster recovery projects annually around the world.


We have a team of highly trained technical professionals with years of experience in managing recovery projects due to various disaster incidents.

BELFOR has a comprehensive range of recovery solutions for different types of disaster incidents to meet your requirements and different situations.