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BELFOR (Asia) Pte Ltd has incorporated a new company BELFOR Precision Machines (Singapore) Pte Ltd. The new company is a joint venture between BELFOR Asia and shareholders of Taiwanese manufacturer of CNC Machining Centers Agmachine Techno Co. Ltd. The joint venture, which is committed to providing the highest standards of service to its customers, opened a branch in Taichung, Taiwan in August, and is now available to support BELFOR Asia branches to meet all CNC machine restoration requirements throughout Asia.

Taiwan has built a solid foundation of expertise in the field of precision machines and the ability to serve international customers. By locating the first BELFOR Precision Machines branch in Taichung, we have joined forces with the world-renowned Taichung CNC machine tool supply-chain cluster.

Brian Whitmore, Managing Director of BELFOR Asia said that “The wealth of expertise and experience now available to BELFOR Asia fully equips us to provide complete restoration solutions to clients in Asia who have suffered disaster incidents, from initial stabilization measures to mitigate losses, to full restoration provided with a full functional and precision warranty.

For further information, please contact your local BELFOR branch.

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