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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does BELFOR do?

BELFOR is the world's largest disaster recovery service company, with 550 branches operating in 57 countries worldwide, and performs more than 350,000 disaster recovery projects annually around the world.

BELFOR Asia was established in 1993, with its headquarters in Singapore and branches in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Chinese Mainland and China Taiwan.

Our year-round continuous response capability, combined with unparalleled expertise, experience, process, chemicals, equipment and tools, aims to provide customers with value-added property recovery services.

What services does BELFOR Recovery Services offer?

BELFOR Recovery Services in China offers disaster recovery services following natural or man-made calamities such as fire, explosion, earthquake, typhoon, wind, rain, flood, water ingress, chemical spillage, as well as particulate contamination from manufacturing, operations or construction processes.

With a wide range of reinstatement options, covering both recovery and replacement, we re-establish operational capability from chaos, disorder and most types of dangerous situations.

What is the cost of restoration?

Generally speaking, according to the property insurance contract, the insurance company bears the rescue cost.

However, if the insured has no insurance coverage, it shall be borne by the insured.

How is BELFOR Recovery Services different from a Cleaning Company?

BELFOR Recovery Services' professional recovery work in China involves a high degree of equipment disassembly to inspect and properly dispose of all parts.

This is the only way to ensure a return to the pre-disaster state. In contrast, the "cleaning company" does not disassemble the equipment but only treats the surface of the equipment, resulting in the deterioration of the internal condition of the equipment, which eventually leads to total machinery and equipment loss.