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When disaster strikes!

Your response during the first 24 to 48 hours after a disaster may be critical in determining whether and how well your business recovers. By implementing appropriate measures immediately, you
will ensure that the damage to technical facilities, buildings and inventories does not worsen through contamination, corrosion or other environmental influences. 

Creating order out of chaos with BELFOR
The recovery team you select only gets one opportunity to take the correct measures. Rather than leaving things to chance, the best path is to commission an accomplished, qualified proven business partner. Choosing BELFOR as your recovery partner gives your business access to an entire team of professional specialists who deliver effective and efficient solutions, resulting from over 35 years of experience, making BELFOR the world’s largest disaster management company with 300 offices in 26 countries and more than 7,000 employees.

BELFOR´S rapid action plan comprises

• preventing further damage and recovering what is immediately salvageable;
• assessing the extent of the damage;
• restoring the premises, equipment and the business to full working order.

The Emergency Response Programme

One of the many advantages of working together with BELFOR is the systematic approach we use. For us an efficient response starts with preparation long before an emergency occurs. To meet this challenge, we have developed the RED ALERT® programme which prepares companies for disaster incident response.
It particularly addresses Risk Manager, in-house Broker and Business Continuity Manager of Corporate and Commercial Companies (e.g. property, marine and off-shore, power/energy, engineering, construction and renewable energies industries). Should a disaster occur, we support businesses with our extensive knowledge and experience. RED ALERT® is designed to reduce response time, improve your chances of full recovery and limit the financial impact of a disaster to your business operation.
This programme incorporates your own emergency procedures, making its implementation simple but effective.

RED ALERT® Network and how it works

• Our central programme tool is the RED ALERT® Network. It works directly with your local emergency response teams, so that each site gets to know who is responsible for which area operations.
• If a disaster occurs, we are able to work as a team to bring your organisation back to business quicker.
• Subscribing to RED ALERT® Network is free of charge and gives members direct access to BELFOR senior experts to ensure effective response – and this on a global scale.
• To become a member, you simply need to complete a one-page registration form.
• Your international site addresses and contacts are uploaded in our RED ALERT® database.
• As our programme exists to support you and your recovery team, it is important that we know your company’s expectations as well as its site conditions.

RED ALERT® Premium Service Package

Every RED ALERT® Network member can additionally select a Premium Service Package for most critical locations and will receive:
• Priority response above all non-RED ALERT® or RED ALERT® Network members for area-wide disasters or catastrophes and access to limited resources.
• Familiarisation Survey: a detailed survey at key sites to familiarise BELFOR with your organisation and the critical response required at the time of an incident.
• Training: specialised training for relevant personnel to increase their risk awareness and deliver knowledge about what to do in case of an emergency.
It is important that damage mitigation activities are rapidly carried out without losing time:
• Work Authorisation is a pre damage agreement to start operation in case of emergency and ensure site access.
• It enables BELFOR to implement mitigation activity ASAP through technicians and equipment required at the time of the emergency call.
• The authorisation can last not more than 48 hours based on the BELFOR price list.