Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

We would like to again express our sincerest condolences to those who have suffered from the Tohoku Earthquake that struck our nation on 11th March this year.

Immediately following the earthquake, we commenced the restoration of facilities and technical equipment, which had been damaged by the Tsunami, in order to assist affected companies achieve an early return to normal business operations.

In addition we have provided a small cash donation for the victims of the Tsunami.

We hope that our efforts will help not only businesses return to operation, but also all affected people, so that they will be able to return to a normal life as soon as possible.

Koji Toritani
Managing Director
BELFOR (Japan) Co., Ltd


Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Damage Response

When the massive earthquake struck North Eastern Japan on 11th March 2011, followed by a tsunami of unprecedented size, the whole world was shocked by the magnitude of the disaster. No one anticipated at that moment that a 3rd wave of attack would come in the form of the release of nuclear radiation from one of the crippled nuclear power plants located in Fukushima prefecture.
Despite the risks created by aftershocks of magnitude up to 7.5, tsunamis, radiation, below zero temperatures and snow, as well as hotels without electricity, heating or food, BELFOR Japan personnel met our customers’ challenge from the first day. As soon as Sunday 13th March, our Managing Director and technical staff flew by helicopter to a crippled semiconductor manufacturing facility at Sendai, and commenced restoration work.
Over the following days and weeks, the BELFOR Japan colleagues provided consulting advice to approximately 40 clients, and commenced recovery projects at 8 client sites (among others a semiconductor plant, two paper mills, a metal can manufacturer and a magnetic film manufacturer).
Additionally, within a period of 5 days we set up a recovery facility at Fukuoka, some 1,000 km from the damaged nuclear plant, and clients dispatched equipment to be restored and restoration work commenced from this location on Monday 11th April 2011.
Currently, approximately 30 BELFOR personnel are working in Japan, supported by 40 contracted personnel. Most of the work being carried out relates to the restoration of machinery and equipment.


Brian Whitmore