BELFOR’s Mobile Command Center Goes To Work For Your Business

When disaster hits, it can be on a massive scale which means it demands a massive response.

Introducing ....
The BELFOR Mobile Command Center

  • 53 Feet Long

  • Two Stories High

  • At The Forefront Of Technology


Whether your business is struck by fire, wind, water, or smoke, BELFOR knows that an immediate response is critical.

From the moment the Command Center enters the scene, it's ready to go to work. Generating all its own power independently, the Center houses:

  • 32 bays for computers to keep vital data flowing between operations and the field;

  • Dedicated satellite towers and dishes to assure ongoing communications;

  • High-definition screens to enable complete monitoring of on-site progress, video conferencing with corporate headquarters, and news from around the region and world;

  • Command Center Conference Room on the second floor where fast and informed decisions are made and dispatched to crews of hundreds and even thousands of specialists working on site.



Recovery is a 24-hour-a-day job, often in conditions where there are no available resources.

The Command Center has its own water, food, power sources and supplies as well as sleeping quarters for those working shifts.

The Command Center is equipped with an auxiliary shelter complete with heat and air conditioning.


With BELFOR on the job:

  • Buildings Are Reconstructed

  • Hazardous Environmental Conditions
    Are Remediated

  • Inventory, Machinery and Electronics
    Are Restored

  • Documents and Date Are Rescued
    and Restored


In the face of disaster, you can count on BELFOR’s vast resources including the Mobile Command Center.

BELFOR ... what we're here for is to get you back to business.