BELFOR Property Restoration Provides Wildfire Damage Recovery Advice

-- Wildfire Response Teams beginning fire, soot and smoke-damage recovery--

While first responders and local authorities work to extinguish the fires, BELFOR Property Restoration deploys Wildfire Response Teams to help in the restoration efforts.

Wildfires leave fire, ash, smoke, odor and water damage to homes and businesses. Once property owners can safely return to assess the damage, BELFOR Property Restoration offers some information on dealing with the aftermath of a wildfire:

•  Contact your insurance company immediately.

•  Keep a journal with information related to the claim – conversations related to the claim, insurance limits and coverage, receipts for purchases and replacement items.

•  Document the extent of the damage through photos and video.

•  Keep in mind that a reputable restoration company may be able to restore many items that look like they’re damaged beyond repair.

•  Consumers should beware of restoration companies that aren’t licensed, certified or insured. Check references before hiring. Policy holders are free to hire any reputable company, not just one recommended by their insurer.

•  Wildfires frequently generate fine ash and smoke odors that can cover interior surfaces. These can be removed with a HEPA vacuum or other specialty cleaning methods.

•  Since ash particles are light, they may travel through the HVAC system; a professional should conduct an inspection and cleaning if needed.

•  Ash may travel into electronics, do not turn on computers, televisions or other electronic devices until they have been inspected and cleaned if needed.

“Many home and business owners are unsure of what to do after a major wildfire like this and the decisions they make in those first few days are critical,” explained Matthew Galyon, BELFOR San Diego General Manager. “We work around the clock to service our clients to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.”