Semiconductor Equipment Services

The semiconductor industry demands stringent and unique contamination standards and BELFOR is ideally placed to provide a range of specialist assessment and decontamination services to this industry.

Tool Decontamination Services

  • Contamination Assessment
  • Tool Decontamination
  • Transportation Regulations Compliance

You can now decontaminate and transport your semiconductor equipment globally, with the knowledge that it is safe and complies with relevant regulations.

Fabrication Facility Services
Wafer Fabrication Facility Decommissioning

BELFOR can provide full wafer “fab” decommissioning services, including the assessment and decontamination of all equipment within a wafer fab and facility. Typically, the range of services provided can include:

  • Equipment contamination assessment
  • Equipment decontamination
  • Removal, decontamination and disposal of forelines, exhaust lines, ducts, etc.
  • Rigging of equipment from within the cleanroom
  • Crating and transportation of equipment
  • Decontamination of facilities/utilities

Disaster Recovery
BELFOR can also provide extensive decontamination and recovery services for contaminated/damaged tools and equipment, utilities, cleanroom and building facilities following disaster incidents such as fires, water spills, chemical leaks, and environmental contamination incidents.