Electronics & Machinery

With over a quarter century of research, development and hands-on recovery experience in electronics restoration, BELFOR provides total solutions for items as diverse as desktop computers and servers to power plant control centers to medical equipment. BELFOR's ability to decontaminate and restore a wide variety of equipment is based on carefully developed work procedures and precisely mixed chemicals that safely remove harmful contamination without harming micro-circuitry.

R&D Support 

BELFOR's Research and Development team is tasked with constantly updating techniques to match the ever-changing micro-architecture in printed circuit board design. Work procedures and methodology must change to keep pace with the electronics industry.

Our Research and Development team also heads up our training program for technicians and team leaders. Courses are offered to make sure BELFOR clients receive consistent professional service. Technicians from international offices can be brought in when needed for large-scale catastrophes since all countries follow standard procedures.

Damage Assessment 

Our experience has demonstrated that most damaged equipment can be placed into three broad categories: total loss; smoke, water or chemical deposition damage; or undamaged. In the smoke, water or chemical deposition category, we evaluate the damage and, when economically and technically feasible, remove the contaminants that can create failures over time.

Goal Achievement 

Using standards established by the Joint Industry Standard (JIS), technicians can quantify levels of contamination using Quick Test Strips. These field tests can be verified by laboratory testing. After levels of contamination are established and target levels for cleanliness are defined, BELFOR's quality assurance program ensures that decontamination efforts were successful. Through the use of diagnostic software and testing, BELFOR customers will have complete confidence when restored equipment is returned for operational use.

  • State-of-the-art facilities/international R&D center 
  • Multiple technology center locations 
  • Elimination of corrosives 
  • Trained technicians 
  • Proprietary chemicals 
  • Testing and checkout

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