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Bakersfield, California

Mitch Lavine, General Manager
3553 Landco Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93308
24/7 Emergency Number: 877.636.0760


BELFOR Helps Arvin Little League pointer

BELFOR Bakersfield will provide the blueprints and project management for the rebuilding of the Arvin Little League facility. The League's concessions building burn to the ground in June. In a meeting following the fire, BELFOR agreed to provide an estimate for repairs and upgrades, plus project oversight during the building phase. In addition, BELFOR found that one of their engineering subcontractors was happy to donate design work for the league.

BELFOR provides emergency restoration and reconstruction services to all of Bakersfield and surrounding areas.

A proven track record of rapid response and comprehensive services has made BELFOR the contractor of choice for homeowners, governments, corporations, businesses, educational facilities, and other property owners that have experienced property damage from fire, water, wind or other natural or man-made catastrophes.

BELFOR is the “Single Source Solution,” offering complete 24/7 emergency response services including: power generation, water extraction, emergency board up and barrier erection, temporary roofing, mold remediation, document freeze drying, structural drying, dehumidification, hazardous materials, electronics restoration, data recovery, duct cleaning, decontamination services, machinery retrofitting, vital records recovery, property salvage, contents restoration, project management, and consulting services. This single-source accountability allows the most streamlined and cost-effective path to final restoration and getting things back to normal.

BELFOR owns 100% of each location and does not have franchisees. This allows us to control quality and maintain consistency of our services in every office and to strategically manage equipment and assets on a national level. BELFOR owns the largest fleet of remediation equipment in North America and has exclusive agreements with major suppliers of power generators and other specialized disaster recovery equipment. This unmatched capacity helps ensure that the Bakersfield area will have the resources needed in the event of a region-wide event, such as a flood, earthquake, or sudden dramatic event.